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  1. Unfortunately there is not a definite way to verify what rank everyone was, so everyone will start out at the lowest, at the moment i don’t have time frames set in stone for how many hours for each rank, and i don’t even have an idea of what ranks we are going to have, but once it’s all figured out, we will be posting it here once i get the website up and running how i want it. We will also post it in spawn.

      1. Nice to have you back! All ranks have been fixed – and yes, it should be the same IP – you can connect to the server using either mc.nofftopia.com or just nofftopia.com

  2. I had a different account last time I was on, about three-four years ago, but then I didn’t have reliable access to a computer until this past year. By that time I’d forgotten all info about my previous Minecraft account so I made a new one – from abbysquirrel333 to just abbysquirrel. I’m wondering, once things have calmed down, will I be able to have my items/money/rank shifted over to my new account? If there are any doubts as to my claim I can provide proof via some old Nofftopia players I know, too, if needed.

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