Mastodon and A Brave New World

After a week of tinkering with Mastodon, I’m pleased to announce that as of today, we have brought the server out of beta and into the public! With Mastodon, the Nofftopia community now has a new way to communicate, share ideas, and keep in contact with your buds. Check it out @

With Mastodon fully operational, I will now be focusing my time perfecting the Nofftopia Minecraft server; the first phase will be creating a new world! While the old maps have served us well, a new world is needed in order to maintain stability. We will need people to volunteer to help build a new spawn, as well as helping us come up with a new name for our brave new world. 

If you have any suggestions for our new worlds name, go over to and let us know!

Until next time… ✌🏼❤️

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