Short domain is back!

Some of you may remember the shorter Nofftopia URL, Unfortunately a few years ago, I let the domain name renewal expire and someone else bought it, turning it into a premium domain name and attempted to sell it for $900. 

I’m happy to announce that after years of them wasting their money to renew the domain in attempts to “extort” Nofftopia for money, they have stopped renewing the domain. As of today, Nofftopia now owns the domain name again!

What exactly does this mean?

  • You can now access Nofftopia’s website via or
  • You can access the Nofftopia Minecraft server at or
  • You can access the TeamSpeak server at or
  • You can access our Mastodon instance at or

The main Nofftopia website and our Mastodon Instance is now utilizing a CDN as well, which will improve performance! We also now have greater backup measures in place 😊 

I hope you are all enjoying your time on Mastodon as much as I am!

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