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All NoffServers will be down sometime between 08 Feb - 15 Feb 2021 for a few hours while we migrate over to our new server. This date may change, based upon when it actually gets delivered.

Be sure to checkout our new server monitor page for all (un)scheduled downtime updates at

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Nofftopia’s new server status page is now live! Check it out @

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Curious about server downtime or scheduled maintenance? Check out

***NoffServer Announcement***

Plan on all NoffServers being down for a few hours on Wednesday, 20 Jan 21. We will be migrating to a new server. @fuzavue

How can you hate the feds and also hate Cloudflare. Cloudflare is a middleman between your hosting provider and the feds. They literally have to go through TWO separate companies to get to you.

I’m gonna start my own AWS, with blackjack, and hookers

@OccultistWarlock This one scares me too! I'm diligent about backups but it's supposed to be as easy as dumping the files.

Got fail over setup for NoffServers. Now, is someone attempts to access any NoffServer (such as Mastodon) while the server is down down any reason, you will automatically be re-directed to

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