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Haven’t been able to wear this wow shirt for three years!!

Just watched for the first time, and I must say, I feel sorry for HAL 9000 🤖

7 days till the start of my fat loss / transformation challenge. This whole week will be prep for the next 6 weeks. In it to WIN it!!

All NoffServers will be down sometime between 08 Feb - 15 Feb 2021 for a few hours while we migrate over to our new server. This date may change, based upon when it actually gets delivered.

Be sure to checkout our new server monitor page for all (un)scheduled downtime updates at

@Gargron hey there 👋🏼 I know you’re a busy guy and might not see this. I posted on the website but didn’t get a response. When doing the Postgres backup using docker... if god forbid I’d ever need to use the backup... what do I do with the .dump file? Thank you for your time. Happy new year!

Please use CW if you are in, and talking about 2021. No spoilers. Please and thank you

US federal government employee? You can donate to the FSF through the Combined Federal Campaign workplace giving program -- Go to and search for the FSF's ID, 63210.

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